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You think it is time to find some free moments and share them with your loved once…

Pirin Golf & Country Club is the right place to go when you would like to escape from the dynamic life in the city and enjoy the silence and the magic of the virgin woods. Enjoy the great view of three mountains and relax by the fireside…

Besides a special place for spending your holiday, Pirin Golf & Country Club provides a wide range of investment opportunities. One has the possibility to buy a vacation house that could be rented out or rent a trading area in the complex. The properties within the resort benefit from the beautiful mountain location, gated community and top class facilities, ensuring that rental capacity will be maximized throughout the year.

The main shareholder and executor of the mega-project is Balkanstroy AD, a leading management and construction company in Bulgaria. The project received government recognition and was granted 1st class investment certificate. The vacation properties and the two golf courses are perfectly integrated with the natural surroundings, making the complex a preferred vacation destination.

Sales Office at Pirin Golf & Country Club

The residential properties are ideally situated in the middle of lofty pines and lush meadows, making up 5% of the built-up area. They are arranged into three separate districts (Downtown, Lake, Pirin) - each offering a different experience to those looking to buy property for investment or as part of their lifestyle. The master plan represents a self-sustained town with its commercial area and the different residential districts.

The properties

The properties of Pirin Golf & Country Club are arranged in separate districts – Downtown, Lake and Pirin. Each district offers different experience to people who would like to buy a property - either as an investment or as part of their lifestyle. The allocation reminds of the typical structure of a town with its busy trading area (district Downtown) and the different residential districts (Lake, Pirin – quieter but well-connected with all resort amenities). In December 2008 the districts Downtown, Lake and Pirin 3 received official occupancy permit and saw the first happy owners take over and move into their properties. District Pirin 1 is with envisaged launch in January 2010.

Projects under development

• Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis Courts, Mini Football Pitch;
• Equestrian Centre;
• Restaurants and Cafés serving European and Local Cuisine;
• Selected Brand Shops;
• Medical Centre and Childcare Facilities;

Pirin Golf & Country Club during winter

Pirin Golf & Country Club during winter
Pirin Golf & Country Club from air

Pirin Golf & Country Club from air
Pirin Golf & Country Club from air

Pirin Golf & Country Club from air

Пирин Голф & Кънтри Клуб е част от група компании